Tuesday, January 23, 2007

well I have to confess that this week has been a quiet one - Elijah has only been awake once during the week - One of the things I haven't mentioned is that Elijah features in the calendar of angels that was produced before Christmas - and also there is mention of this blog. Daniel another local angel also has his birthday in the same month - February and hi picture just about next door this was a great project and the Calendar are just fab. It's great to see the name of angels that appear on the angelman forum or on the listserve.

Monday, January 15, 2007

In December Tobias, Elijah Markus and Elijah attended a Special Children's Christmas Party. This is sponsored by a number of local radio stations and a finance company. It is a huge party held for children with special needs - there was fresh fruit, juice icecream facepainting bouncy castle entertainment , even Father Christmas and presents for all those attending, here are some photos from the Christmas party - better late than never.

Elijah's Face Painting

Elijah and a pirate

Elijah and his computer gift

Tobias and Elijah enjoy bananas