Saturday, August 11, 2007

Friday 10/08/07

Hi friends,

Elijah hade a fever as a result of of some flu - coldy stuff that's been about in our house this week. Woke at 5 with a 15 minute seizure this morning - can't remember what it's called - jerking extremities - was about to take to hospital and then he was having seizures every few minutes with short gaps and so we called and ambulance - when I got to the hospital he had sezied in the ambulance and was then had a prolonged seizure lasting and hour - with vomitting - the end result was that he was have difficulat with breathing and oxygen saturation low - the long and short is that he is intensive care on a ventilator - to help with his recovery - this will be reviewed but he may need to be on it for up to 24 hours and see from there.

We have had a good number of trips to the hospital before but nothing this intense. Julie and I have been on quite a rollercoaster this morning

If you pray I would ask you to pray for Elijah Julie myself and out daughter Francesca - if not please send us your good thoughts.


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