Sunday, May 04, 2008

Today I found some footage that i didn't realise that I had. It was a couple of video clips on Elijah's last day with us. They are of Francesca painting Elijah's foot. The ICU nurse suggested that it would be nice for Francesca to paint and take impressions of Elijahs' feet and hands and so she went to find some poster paint - blue of course and Francesca proceeded to paint Elijah's hands and feet and take impressions which we have and I have been meaning to frame for some time now. They would hang well alongside of the picture we have of Elijah that currently is on a window ledge in our lounge where he is flanked by two angel's. I thought I should go and take a picture so you can all see. The video link on Youtube is below. There were two short videos and I have put some music and linked them with a couple of pics of Francesca and Elijah.

Francesca and I were talking about Elijah tonight as we both lay on her bed tonight as she was getting ready to go off to sleep and I was telling her that it was this sort of time as i was getting her ready to go to sleep and was saying about the fun it was often to get them both ready for bed at night time. Francesca then asked me " what day of the week did Elijah die Dad?" "On a Monday" I replied "well we should have a party every Monday night to remember Elijah Daddy" said Francesca - "not sure if we can do a part every Monday sweetie" I replied - well we can specially remember Elijah on Monday's Dad cause that's the day the Elijah died and went to heaven Dad" "Ok Francesca" I replied "sounds like a plan to me"

Enjoy - Peace to you and yours


Emma said...

Francesca...what a beautiful footprint you made with Elijah. Tommorrow is Monday...I will be thinking of both of you and saying a prayer for your family.

Typist-Grandma Donna said...

This is positively beautiful Darren. Thank you for allowing me to be a small part of your special days with both children. What a lovely memory for Francesca to look back on with both you and Julie.