Thursday, August 05, 2010

A Hero

Facebook has provided me with and continues to provide me with many opportunities to connect with families across the world some from the early days following Elijah's diagnosis who I have connected with on Facebook. As much as it has been me making the connections - Elijah has been at the forefront of it as well. His smile and his demeanour have touched an spoken to many people. Our Journey speaks in many ways to those we connect with. Many of those neither of us will met this side of eternity. One of these people the mother of a boy Moses shared something this week which spoke volumes to me, stirred my spirit and shed some light on Journey

 There is a passage in Lord of the Rings that has always stuck with me. A hero, a great king, dies and Tolkien writes… “When he died a Great Beauty was revealed in him so that all who looked on him saw that the Grace of his youth, the Valor of his full manhood, and the Wisdom & Majesty of his age were all blended together so that he became an image of Splendor.

This reminded me of Elijah - I think there is something about his countenance since he died that attracts people. I continue to be inspired to share the rawness of the Journey. I know there is something about sharing the rawness and with vulnerability that is attractive. I know it give people hope for the Journey, it inspires, it encourages.

How can I not share ? I am compelled to ! Elijah cheers me on from the grandstand - come on Dad - go for it Dad, keeping going Dad. And so I do

As proud as he is of me - I am of him

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