Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I am happy to report that all is going well in the Humphries household. We are up for #6 full nights sleep. I'm the one who is up late tonight trying to keep up with all of the correspondence and business. The small dose of clanonzepam seems to be keepin ghte seizures at bay - thaks be to God. This certainly has been and answer to our prayers and we know that we have bunch of people praying for us and for Elijah during this challenging time and the Lord has been answering. Elijah started some hydrotherapy this past weekend and this went well - we go a to a small local pool - www.miniswim.co.nz and he majority of people going there have special needs. Elijah had a ball. The picture is of Elijah at the botanical gardens.

Well folks that's all to report today - a short but sweet post.

Father to Elijah - Angelman Syndrome Del + New Zealand

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