Friday, December 29, 2006

We went to see my Paedeatric Nuero on the 19th of December and started by talking with one of the registrars updating him on how I have been in the last couple of months in particular the new seizures I had and that I was unwell with the viral throat infection and high temperatures.

We asked if the new types of seizures the tonic clonic and the other one were only likely to occur when Elijah was unwell. The specialist told us that it's not uncommon to experience several different types of seizures and that they would not be limited only to times when Elijah was unwell. We talked about managing the seizures when they occur and they will arrange of the epilepsy nurse from the hospital to meet with us in the new year to discuss the use of diazepam to be administered rectally in the case of long seizures. The Specialist has decided to reduce the clanonzepam that Elijah has been on and to increase the Epilim to 5ml twice a day to help deal with the seizures. So far so good although I am writing this retrospectively.

Since starting to write this Elijah is now had a couple of breakthrough drop seizures and so hi Epilim has been increased to 7ml per day. So far so good no more seizures to speak of and so things are generally going well.

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