Thursday, December 28, 2006

Well so many things have been happening my Dad has struggled to remember to keep my blo updated and so I think he will have to break it down into several entries.

Let's call the first one - THE PICNIC
I am happy that the weather held out for the Angelman Support Group Pre Christmas picnic - wow there were 6 families there and I got to meet a couple of friends I know Daniel Tobias and Ella, but I also got to meet two Charlottes - and my mum and dad and sister got to meet their parents and brothers and sisters too. It was great and I spared no time getting to know some of the other people and hugging them and climbing on them as you can see. The Picnic was at Spencer Park in Christchurch.

We all had a great time and will be getting together again in January for some more fun.

Me playing in the sandpit

Brent & Me

Me climbing on Trevor

Tobias and Markus Me and Mummy

Trish and me eating some yoghurt

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