Sunday, September 23, 2007

It's been a tough month since I last posted so many things happening and so many new things to come to terms with since Elijah went to be with the Lord. Just simple things like sleeping through the night and not going to sleep with one eye half open and one ear cocked awaiting to hear Elijah's distance call in the middle of the night. Elijah was almost always the first person in the house to greet me in the mornings when I rose and so I miss that as well. These are just ordinary day to day simple things that I have found hard, or just expecting him to come charging down the hallway at break neck speed grinning from ear to ear and then pulling at me to get my attention or have he lift him and cuddle him only to be wanting to be getting on with something else most often in the morning being ready to eat. there has been a strange stockpiling of bananas in the house - oh how Elijah you use to eat so many. I now try at least to eat one for Elijah's each day.

Something special happened for me on Thursday night, I was coming home from work and this night a bit later than I had before and our close friends were coming for dinner, and so not all of us were going to visit Elijah at the Cemetery as has become our custom as many days as possible. I had been to see Elijah and was driving home on the way to the supermarket. As I drove down this stretch of road my eyes were drawn to a light blue balloon making it's was across the street and then my gaze was drawn to the little boy who had just lost the balloon and could see that he had tears in his eyes and his mother was trying to calm him and explain to him that there was not a way to retrieve the balloon. I knew i had to stop and as came to a stop I could see that the balloon has gone down the bank and was just in the edge of the Avon River and was moving not fast but stying pretty close to the band of the river. The thought came into my head I've just got to get that ballon for the little boy even if it means getting wet. (at Elijah's funeral all the kids let off helium filled balloons after Elijah's casket had been lowered and the sight of this balloon same colour spured me on) I ran and climbed down and got hold of the balloon. I scramble up the bank and onto the foot path and could see the the lady in the car had her indicator on showing she was about to pull out into traffic. I wave at her and thankfully she saw me. I crossed the busy road and she was standing by her car when i reached saying" I know someone who will be happy to see you" I replied I couldn't let a little boy loose his balloon. She opened the back door and there was a little boy about 3/ 1/2 to 4 beaming from ear to ear as I handed him the balloon and he said thank you very much. I said it's my pleasure as i know what it's like for you to loose something. I shared with the little boys mum that the colour of the balloon reminded me of Elijah and that he had passed away recently and we let off the same coloured balloon at the cemetery - and I knew I had had to stop. I got back to my car and wen "YAHOOOOOOOOO!" it really made my day and left me of the sense that the spirit of Elijah was with me.

Till next time - still preparing to share some more. - Darren


Laurie said...

Thank you so much for continuing to share Elijah and your feelings and thoughts with us. Our family has been praying for yours in this difficult time as you grieve for your beautiful angel. I want to thank you and Elijah so much, as when our sweet boy was diagnosed you were one of the first to share your story with us on the angel forum. We continue to think of you often and are thankful for Elijah and your family being there for us when we began this journey.

lil 1/2 pint said...

(::hugs:: what a sweet story. i'm so glad you were able to catch the balloon.)