Thursday, February 07, 2008

7/02/08 - Elijah's 4th Birthday

Elijah - gives Matthew a push. I will share more about Elijah's birthday celebrations today in a later post. Apart from telling you that there is more new footage of Elijah on my Youtube site

There is footage from Elijah's 3rd Birthday. It was a bittersweet day today - I spent some time with Elijah by myself at the cemetery this morning talking to him. I did ask him to pray especially for Matthew today - for those of you who have been following. I told him it would be special if Matthew could stir on his (Elijah's birthday) Last night I posted this sentiment on the Angelman Syndrome and some one responded by saying " It would not surprise me in Matthew awakens tomorrow on Elijah birthday. No doubt in my mind the Elijah is right there looking over him with you and may just give Matthew the little extra strength to awaken seizure free. "

To God be the glory - thanks to all of you who have prayed for Matthew and ourselves today - Elijah's ministry and legacy continues - I do believe this will be the case as long as I have breath in my body. The following it and update on Matthew.

Until next time - Peace be with you and yours.

I received a text from Fay tonight to say that Matthew has opened his eyes a little. This text came right at the time some friends who were at our house were asking if I had heard anything about Matthew today. Initially they thought that the movement in his eyes - flickering was seizure activity - but there has not been any other signs of seizures. Matthew has also responded in opening his eyes also when he heard his day speak in the room and so there is some responsiveness - this is fab news. There was rejoicing in our house tonight.

I have spoken with Fay tonight - understandably she is not getting he hopes up too much at this point in time except to say that this is a good sign. The other news is that Matthew will have another scan this coming week and Fay and Nick have been told that what they had been told about on the previous scans may not be correct and that it is completly possible that the damage that showed up on the previous scan may be reversible. (Darren says - I am praying and holding out for a completely clear scan)

Fay is in good spirits and has been overwhelmed by the support from those who have sent her messages and emails and have been praying and thinking of Matthew and Fay and his family. I would like to extend on her behalf a big thank to you and appreciation and gratitude for you care and support during this time.



lil 1/2 pint said...

This post gave me chills.

::big big hugs::

angelwings said...

Hey Darren,
Just wanted had you guys on my mind tonight and wanted to stop in a say hi and let you know that were praying for your family and for Matthew and his family as well. I pray that Matthew comes out of his seizure activity very soon and that he suffers no longterm damage from all of this. I cannot even begin to imagine what you guys have gone through and what this family is going through. Please let Matthews mom know that were thinking about them. Big hugs to you all and to Matthew and his family.