Monday, February 04, 2008

Update on Matthew

I have been able to speak with and share with Matthews parents during last week at the hospital and to be able to share with them something of Elijah' journey, and our time in the hospital and the last days of Elijah's life. I felt that I needed to reach out to Fay and Nick's parents and look for opportunities to serve them. I knew this was something I had to do and I was and continue to be inspired by Elijah.

Matthew is still in need of prayer, he was sedated and had his seizure meds changes and then slowly the sedation removed but he was still having seizures and so he was sedated again and his meds changed, even in the coma he was having seizure and so the medical staff have changed the sedating and the seizure meds. Matthew has also overcome a dose of pneumonia, he was for a day or so not tolerating his food, but now he is taking the food through the feeding tube. Thanks be to God.

I have been able to get the message of Matthew's situation out to many people locally and accross the country lots of the same people who stood with us during Elijah's life and especially in the last days of his life interceding before the throne, people have been praying for a miracle for Matthew and grace for his family across New Zealand. I have been in touch with Matthews' mum each day by cellphone texting - thanks be to God for technology and have been able to facilitate email updates and coordinate some of these people's responses. I just know how it was when Elijhah was unwell and when he went to the Lord, how grateful we were for those who helped communication with people. It's something small to be able to do for his family when I am here in NZ and physically seperate.

Yesterday at Church I received the following txt message written by Matthew's Dad

A Prayer for Matthew

For some of us
It's easy to run, to live to fly,
to soar thru dayd to day as challenges come by,

For some of us
It's easy to paint or sculp a work of art,
to leave behind a legacy, others think is great.

For some of us
It's easy to write or speak out mind,
to articulate precisely what others need to hear.

What's easy for you my little man,
is to love without condition,
to expereince the joy this berings in your daily mission,

Ypu've shown us whta it means to love,
this we never forget,
I'm proud so proud of all you've done
my precious little boy.

This is they prayer I have have to night,
please combe back to us soon.

Wriiten by Nick Matthew's Dad

It's Elijah's 4th birthday on thursday 7th and we will be going to the cemetery and having a birthday cake Yeah - my son will be 4 this week !

until next time which I hope will be quite soon

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