Tuesday, December 02, 2008

The weekend before last I had the opportunity again the attend the Radio Network Sepcial Children's Christmas party - http://www.sccpnz.co.nz/index.html

It has a number of sponsors and provides a Christmas celebration with for kids with termial illneses and special needs. The frist year Julie took Elijah and the second year I took Elijah and we kept company with Tobias and his Dad. Tobias is another 5 year old with Angelman Syndrome. We had a great time with face painting lots of fruit and entertainment, and a trip through the toy cave to meet Santa. We also received some fabulous gifts - that were great for Elijah. After Elijah died last year I decided I wanted to give something back and so went an voluteered time and spent a number of hours facepainting.

This year I was able to get some tickets for some local families and went again to volunteer help. I was able to meet a few families that I know - Tobias and his Dad and Daniel and his Mum. I spent time in the toy cave helping take children through to get their gifts and see Santa. And I decided that this year there would be a was of taking Elijah with me and also putting out the Angelman Syndrome Message and so as you can see from this photo I went and had Elijah's photo name and www.angelmansyndrome.org.nz put on a T shirt

I got to meet some great people and some fabulous kids as well - ilost count of the number of children I took through the toy cave. I met a little boy Isaac who was born with only half a heart and was able to share with his mum as well walked through the cave.

there were a numbe of children who pointed to the pictureof elijah onmy Tee shirt and smiled and wante to know who he was.

I was also able to share Elijah's story with quite a few people.

I really felt like Elijah had been at the christmas party with me.

This is Elijah's friend Tobias all glowing

here is a pic of them both from two years ago.


Donna Bowers said...

watching you video brought back memories

Donna Bowers said...

May God Bless You Darren. Angel Hugs, Donna & Blythe

SophieLuca said...

From Faraway & Freezing Canada... we think a lot about you & Elijah. May 2009 be filled with peacefull & joyfull moments... Sophie & Luca