Monday, August 28, 2006

Friday 25/08/06
As of this week we now know of a total of four families in Christchurch who have children with Angelman Syndrome. We even heard from the Dad of a little boy who was visting the city from overseas who was recently diagnosed with Angelman Syndrome. He didn't know much about it and so we were able spend some time with him. All going well he is planning to bring his family to come and live in Christchurch and so the Host of Angels in Christchurch is continuing to grow.

Julie and I have given our names to the Hospital and also to Epilepsy NZ and a number of other organisations as contacts for people locally or in the South Island.

We are hoping to be able to meet with the other families in the coming month at least on a social level and then see how we can encourage and support one another on the journey with our angels.

This week was bonus week for me and so I was delighted to be able to suprise the children with some gifts. I bought a battery powered bubble blowing machine for Elijah and a badge/button making set for Francesca.

Elijah was so into the packaging even before I could get it open - he was very curious and then when I go the machine going and boy it does produce bubbles in abundance he giggled with delight and proceeded to chace the bubbles and the machine. Being a little boy he was also interested in finding out about the source of the bubbles. Being as strong as he is = the bubble machine is no match for him - it needed to be " not for Elijah's fingers. Needless to say a fun time was had by all - how can you then be suprised if it took him a bit longer that usual to go off to sleep

Peace be with you and yours

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