Monday, August 28, 2006

I have to say that I never ceases to amaze me how strong Elijah is growing every day.

I suspected that because he had commando crawled for so long that his upper body would be strong - well as time has gone on it certainly hasn't weakened any and in fact if anthing has got stronger. This poses a challenge when it comes to changing his clothes and when he decides that this is not what 'he' wants to be doing. One of the interesting things that he now does is that in his pyjamas - they are fully zipped up (and now with safety pin on zip) he manages to pull his legs up and somehow swap one leg for the other - and then make noise to say please help me ! His is quite a 'houndini' and on a couple of occasions has manged to spring the safety pin and extracate his bottom half from the pyjamas and well then the nappy goes. thankfully there have not been to many artist effort is the last month of so with the contents of nappies (read diapers)

Elijah is not far off walking - pulling himself up on alot of the funiture. Recently at preschool (that he attends twice a week) he stood up at a table for twenty minutes occupied by playing with some jelly type substances. Everything for Elijah is a a million miles an hour and as soon as your back is turned he has shot off somewhere - will be fun when Elijah is up on hi feet independently.

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