Friday, November 17, 2006

17/11/06 8:41

Well I was going to bed close to midnight on on Tuesday night - I had heard Elijah coughing and thought I would pop in to check on him - he was in his cot pale and having a seizure - not a drop or abscence seizure - but he was jerking - head, hands, feet - natura reactio pick him up, we managed to get a temparature - 38.3 and so 5ml Ibuprfen - this still coninue whilst I was holding him for between 10 - 15 minutes (I know the doctor said you shold have called and ambulance) following this he was very agitated and aggressive. we treid to raise some friedns on the phone to watch Francesca but couldn't get hold of her and so woke her up and got elijah in the car and went to the hospital - I rang them and they said they would see him only with a referal from another dr - (this should have been a prompt ring the amblance). So we went and thankfuly we didn't have to wait for too long. Still very agitated. Told the sory to the nurse who took stats - try getting a pulse o2 thingee on his toe - not in a hurry. Then explained the whole thing to the dr who also examined him, by which time he began to settle. then we went to the children's acute assessment. told the nurse the whole story and waited for to see a doctor - by now about 3:30 yah - I have to say Francesca was pretty good. By the time we had told the dr and she had examined him - it was about 4:30 and he was settled and lively. The Doctor was keen to observe him overnight - we told her that he was unlikley to settle at all and she agreed that we could bring him home and at least try and have him sleep in his own bed. So we came home and we gave elijah a little dose of Melatonin and he was off to sleep by 5am. I followed up with the the day doctor - and he told me that the urineg they sampled was ok - but suspected viral infection, although his throat was read this was not seen as the cause and we should watch and observe and come back if concerned no change to medication in the meantime. His temp was up and down during the day of 16th. This left us with questions like is this a new type of seizure that we are only goin to see with sickness? etc - we were told this would be reveiwed when we next saw the specialist and I told the Dr thta we had missed an appointment the previous week because Elijah was unwell.

Elijah work at 3:50am temp 40 - was still 38 @ 5 am after meds etc and managed to go off to sleep for a few more hours.
He woke with coughing


In the mean time the fever has broken and apart from a cough - no high temp in 3 days

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