Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Morning One and all - this last 5 days has been crazy in our house - Elijah was running a high temp from last Thursday - 39.5 F- meant that he was a bit shakey he has just had ablocked up nose - a bit runny - didn't go swimming on Saturday morning - his tempo was up and down. the temp was up to about 40.5 - which is hot = lots of baths to cool him down.

Saturday was also a really hot day as well that doesn't help much. About 4:30pm he became clingy - I went into the office to get something - he followed me and then without warning a big vomit - took his temp 40 - gave him some Ibroprofed - he wan't interested in liquid ad so I gave him a fruit salad - smoothy I had frozen - drank that - put hi in the bath and he was having some big drops and eyes rolling back in his head - a couple of times I thought he was going to lapse into inconsciousness. slowly his temp came down and stayed reasonably settle the rest of the day.

All I could thik of was - here we go again - in Jan he had vomitting and seizures on a hot day and ended up in the hospital - this was before we knew about Angelman Syndrome. I am pretty sure that the anticonvulsants that he is taking everyday - have gone a long way to help keeping any seizures in check that result from high temp.

Sunday was okish temp was a bit up but settled by the end of the day - Monday ok - Tuesday - along with his sister - elijah has a dose of diahorrea - yukky yukky yukky

Thankfully that only lasted yesterday and his body seems to have settled down. J his Mum was not well either and so that meant that I was home and got to spend a whole bunch of time with Elijah and also this morning - J has an unsettled tummy and so we had some fun times interacting this morning.

Whilst his temp was down Saturday MOrning we visited with a the family of Tobias - who is 3 and has Angelman Syndrome - Tobias and his family have recently moved from Germany to live in Christchurch. Tobias has a sister who is close in age to Francesca and they had a ball.

Well folks until next time - peace be with you and yours.
Father to Elijah - Angelman Syndrome Del + New Zealand

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Anonymous said...

I am so glad to find your blog, my Joshua also has Angelman Syndrome. I saw your e-mail on the listserve and followed your blog link. Elijah is precious! I am glad that he is on the mend from being sick, sick Angels are no fun.

Blessings to you all!