Thursday, November 16, 2006

Greetings from a very warn out and tired Dad.

Elijah has had a runny nose for the last 2 weeks now - you will have seen some of the info in my last post well - it hasn't improved any in fact on the Tuesday and Wednesday - he along with his sister had diahorrea - and Mum had vomitting - at least the temp was down for a bit Although on Wednesday night Elijah started having a high temperature again - 37/38/39 on Thursday it was up and down and he started to have drop seizures - yeah - I took him to the Doctor on Friday morning and she said just viral and not alot could be done apart from ride it out. Well his bowels have settled down but the runny nose and the temperatures didn't over the weekend. The Doctor said on friday that we could probably increase the clonanzepam to two drops twice a day in the mean time to combat the drops (we have since heard from the dr at the hospital that they try not to change the medication during this sort of time) - ah well what do doctors know - we only entrust them with our life and health and those of out loved ones - said without trying to sound cynical well too cynical.

The weekend did not see anymore drop seizures and so we did not do anything with Elijah's medication, but regular temparatures reducing routines - know them backwards now. Now let me think what day is it - well it's Thursday now in New Zealand. Monday and Tues Elijah began to have some little drop seizures nothing too big but little clusters - Tuesday night Julie rang me at work as Elijah was having some more intense seizures and abscence - with bubbles in the mouth - and becoming semi consicous. Kept and eye on things

More to follow

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