Sunday, January 27, 2008

Yesterday was a tough day - I read a message on the Angelman Forume that I subscribe to - it was a post from a lady in Sydney Australia, - her son Matthew is 3.5 and he is in intensive care in Sydney - in an induced coma - due to seizures and she and her husband have been told that he has damage to 3/4 of his brain. This as you could imagine took me right back to August and our time in the hospital with Elijah. I could feel the pain and confusion of this lady and her family. This little boy needs and miracle and so I am asking for people to pray for this and for his family today. I have written to them by email and Fay has written back and I hope to speak to her by day's end. Please pray I have the right words for her. I know that Elijah will be praying for Matthew and his family.

Matthew has a brother who is 6 it is really weird knowing of how like our situation this is for this family
Until next time.

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Lynne said...

Hi...thought I'd check your blog to see how you are doing....sorry to hear about the little boy in ICU. It is good to know the Lord is using you, and I will definitely pray foe His wisdom for you....God bless you, friend.....