Wednesday, April 18, 2007

About 45 minutes after the last post Elijah woke and did not sleep until about 9am this morning. This was a result of alot of seizure activity I gave him another does of melatonin @ 12:30 and also the antihistamine that we had been prescibed by the Family doctor to knock him out seems like this had the opposite affect- I rang the hospital @ 3:30 and took him in. I was able to get some of the seizure activity on video camera, along with the drops he has startd having othe seizure like absence but lying down blank stare and finger and feet movement - not jerking but more wriggling - these last 10-12 seconds at a time.
He was having about 30-40 an hour of the drops and partial drops. The Children's Acute Assessment won't see him straight away but had to go via th emergency dept. Recently we got hold of a copy of all his hospital notes and have them in a file and so armed with this, my notes on his seizures, and my video camera I high tailed it to the Hospital - at least there is not much traffic on the road @ 4:30am. We presented to the emergency dept and the nurse at the reception was pretty helpful and got us through to the ED quite quickly and so I described what was happening - temp was normal concern was lack of sleep and the frequency of the seizures. Was told we would go to CAA and so gathered all the stuff - i was prepared with change of clothes, toys, sleeping suit the whole lot - we have learned to be prepared. The Dr came after a short time. I described the situation and he was of the opinion that sedatives may have had the opposite effect alongside of a viral infection. By this time it was a bit before 7 and the ward was quiet - one of the nurses gave me some respite so I could update Julie, turned out my cellphone battery went flat and so I shot home to get the charger and got some breakfast on the way back to the hospital. To be continued

He is now asleep and has Clobazam added to his meds at least in the short term to keep the seizures in check. here's hoping for a good night sleep - our neuro will call us to touch base on Friday morning.

Off to sleep for me

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