Monday, April 23, 2007

Elijah slept through the night - yeah - well from 7:30 - 6:30 @ least and so we are a bit happier today although Julie has a bad dose of the flu - it's only a fortnight since she was unwell before over Easter - me thinks it's just because she's some what rundown.

Tuesday - Elijah was awake last night and I was up with him 11:30 and 12:45 and 3:45 and this morning he didn't sleep this afternoon and so was quick grumpy but went off to bed early tonight God willing he will sleep through tonight. Julie had some respite this morning and Francesca has been going to a friends after school for a couple of hours just to ease the pressure in the house. I went to work today. I learned today that in the last month my collegues have raised just shy of $500.00 towards our fundraising for our family to go to the Australian Angelman Syndrome conference in October which bring the total to about $700.00. This is just wonderful - we are hoping to bring Elijah into work in the next week so that people at work can meet him.

Tomorrow in New Zealand is ANZAC day the day we remember our war dead and those who fought and did not return and so it's a public holiday here. I don't think I will make the dawn parade @ 6:30 as I have before but will take Francesca to a citizen's service in Christchurch Cathedral @ 10:00 am - here's hoping for a sleep through.

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