Sunday, April 22, 2007

well you know the song "Time warp" from the cult Rocky Horror Picture show , well if you don't the opening lyrics go -
Riff-Raff: It's astounding,Time is fleeting,Madness take sit's tollBut listen closely
Magenta: Not for very much longer
Riff-Raff: I've got to keep control, I remember doing the timewarp, Drinking those moments when The blackness would hit me
And the void would be calling
All: Let's do the Timewarp again, Let's do the Timewarp again

It's 3:27am and all is well and I am up - just about lost the plot this morning - Elijah was awake @ 10:30 last night with a wee and this morning @ 2pm pulled all his clothes off and weeeeeeed everywhere ans refuses to go back to sleep. I really don't get it - it's the middle of the night and I would expect him to be tired - for goodness sake I am and I have to confess I yelled at him out of frustration - Julie is blocked up with flu and so it's all pretty crappy in our house at the moment.

Will have to get on the phone later this morning and get some help cause we are not coping really


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