Friday, April 13, 2007

I was hoping that my next post would have brought good new on the sleeping front however the good news is that he is sleeping, just not through out the night. He has not slept through the night all week and has been awake at say 11 and gone back to sleep but then awake @ 5 or last night was awake @ 11pm 2am and then from 5am and manged to extricate himself from his sleep gear an proceed to shred his nappy - early morning entertainment and Elijah himself would say - well what else apart from a couple of toys do you want me to do @5am in the morning - surely not sleep ! So tonight we have increased his Melatonin and so far so good - just gone midnight else we might have to seek something that is going to knock him out - not just for his benefit but for us as well. Julie is having someone to look after the kids between 10am and 4pm tomorrow - so she can rest. I am not clear of my cold and so am still a bit weary as I have been up with Elijah as well this week. Most of last weekend was spent in bed or looking after the kids. We did get a couple of trips out - one that included visiting my former manager and he husband about building a bed for Elijah and so the Tech institute he is at is on semester break and so it will be a couple of weeks until we know more. The other was to a place called Gethsemane garden - a local private gardens - wonderful peaceful place we'll go back we did get some photos and the following are some pictures of our sleepless, Houndini - our young man. Sleep Rules

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