Friday, May 18, 2007

Elijah was in the hospital on wednesday with seizures - not sure what the cause was today - perhaps the particularly warm temperatures may have set them off but plenty of them, this was coupled by Elijah managing to ingest some laundry detergent - just a little that has spilled down the side of the washing machine - this little boy is so quick to try and keep up with and it's always a challenge and managed to get some to his mouth before he was discovered. He was treated by Julie with some milk as recommended by the outside of the detergent packet. We had some friends take Elijah and Julie to the hospital Emergency dept and I met Julie there from work. Francesca was able to stay with some other friends until we came home this evening. Elijah has a good number of full on drop seizures before going to the hospital and a number on the way and continued to have quite a lot whilst at the hospital. Thankfully the doctor we saw at the hospital in the Children's Acute Assessment dept knows us and Elijah - is one of the paediatric registrars who we have seen in clinics with Elijah's specialist. The decision was to treat him with diazepam a drug that helps to break clusters of seizures and his meds will be reviewed in the morning. It was quite a day today and we are hoping for a good night sleep for him. We waited and hour after he had this med and we will have to see what tomorrow brings. It is only just on a month since were last at the hospital with seizure and so we are hoping for some reprieve in the coming weeks.
We are learning it takes special people to take care of special people

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