Friday, May 11, 2007

Well the last two nights have not been flash nothing like a broken sleep - Elijah was awake I we both were up with him Wednesday night, Thursday night Elijah woke and Julie got up to him @ 1:30 and then Julie asked we to get up to him after that. I partially woke up and got as far as getting part of the way out of bed as i heard him crying - I have no idea what time that was but I didn't make it any further and I guess he just went off to sleep because I do remember being cold and pulling the covers back over me and went off to sleep.

As previously mentioned we have now some great respite for Julie - 10 hours a week called Home Support and then 36 days carere support to last us through to February - which is still about 1 day a week if we need it. The lady who has been helping is just great with Elijah and also with Francesca and lives locally. We have two other agency lined up to helpus but have not yet identified anyone yet.

Until later Darren

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