Friday, May 18, 2007

I am happy to report Elijah slept through - he night albeit drug assisted and also Thursday night - he usually only sleeps through -4 out of seven. Happy to report that Elijah has been seizure free today and full on as ever. We are sort of in recover mode. No changes to his medication at this point in time. Dr says not sure it was ingestion of the laundry powder even a little would bring on the seizures - but no other clear explanation to date - not always helpful but the Lord knows. He has however developed a bad case of hives also all over hi body - Dr says nothing to worry some type of allergy - haven't tracked it down. we are giving him some low doses of antihistamine to stop the itchiness.

Well it's been a wonderful day today to balance out the week 1) Julie and Elijah came with me to work today for a meet and greet - the people at my work have been wonderful in supporting our families adventure to the Angelman Syndrome Conference in Australia in October and have raised more than $1000 for us. This was an opportunity for those helping us to meet Elijah. He left his impression - hugged lots of people and had lots of fun in three floors. Then we
we took delivery of a new car seat, buggy highchair and walker for Elijah all funded by through Ministry of Health and a bed is on the way as well - all of these things will make life so much easier for us caring for Elijah making life easier for us as well. They are just so wonderful. we are truly thankful - will post pictures soon

On the Journey - till next time

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