Thursday, September 21, 2006

Great news - today our GP wrote a presciption for melatonin for Elijah - made my day even before I got to work this morning. Julie rang the GP and she said it's worth a try. This will be suspended by the chemist as elija is aunbel to swallow tablets and will make it easier for him toi take in liquid for. We will have our first dose tomorrow night once collected from the pharmacy.

Here goes and hoping and praying it will have the desired effect - as and hour after beign put of to sleep he managed to ping one of the safety pins on his overall suit get his hand in remove his nappy and wet him self his clothes and the sheet - good job the matress is covered. And still he was a live wire - this picture is Elijah very very late at nght and ready to party. Peace be to you and yours - Dad

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