Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Gretting one and all

And so the saga continues - funny it's almost a week and no word from the specialist. This whole sleeping thing is now becoming crazy. I have managed to find a presentation - Sleep Problems in Individuals with Angelman Syndrome - given at the International Angelman Sydrome Organisation Conference in 2001 by Joseph Wagstaff - (http://asclepius.com/iaso/wagstaffsleep.html and associated study and so have sent this to the specialist supporting our request for trialling melatonin - hoping to hear from him soon. Julie is going to see the GP tomorrow and so will also take the same information and will be requesting melatonin from her as well - nothing like a dual pronged approach.

The funny thing is that in the midst of it all Elijah is the one who most all has no problem keeping a sense of humour.

I think our kiwi ingenuity has managed to put and end to the escapism that we had a bout of and we will be making contact with a seamstress soon to work on some night time clothing for Elijah for the Summer, which is not far off. The spring has brought with it warm weather and so we have been able to make the most of this with trips to the park - Elijah has enjoyed getting out in the leaves and the dirt.

As previously mentioned we have a gathering of families with angels this coming weekend and we are very much looking forward to this and it will be good also for the siblings of our angels to have some time together as well.

Well until next time - may peace be upon you and yours and health to your enemies enemies.

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