Friday, September 01, 2006

Houdini lives again...............

I know that across the world there are many parents of angels who have to deal with on a day to day basis the 'houdini' characteristic present in their angel.

I have to say that up until now we have sort of had a handle on Elijah's attempts and the successful attempts to extricate himself from his pyjamas. We only recently had to safety pin the zip on his full body pyjamas. Well this has started the nightly challenge of him trying to pop the safety pin free himself from the pyjamas if only partly remove his nappy and mostly thanks be to God - wee. The other new thing he is up to is to pull his legs up out of the leg holes and to sawp the legs over and then cray out or to jam them both down the same leghole and then to cry out in frustration.

Well last night was just the craziest yet and today well here's and example - managing to bob the safety pin and then trying to get out of the t shirt after having removed his nappy. Tonight we have him in this outfit and a sleeping bag over hte top double pinned with safety pins - here to a good night's sleep (he went ot sleep about 9ish) and the inspiration and guidance of someone to hep make some suits with the zip up the back and a tie to stop him puttling his legs up

Ah the joys of life - until next time.

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Kim said...

Its great to see Elijahs blog.Keep up the good work!!
Angel Hugs