Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Sometime it just seems like all in life is a blurr and well this last week has been a bit like that. Whilst I was excited by the prospect of getting on top of the meds with Elijah this has all truned a bit to custard. BOth Julie and I rang the hospital on 5 occasions and then heard back from a nurse who looks after Eipilepsy and children who have seizures called and both Julie and I spoke to her at length. She told me that she would be speaking to the Neuro Team the following day and would be back in contact. Well it's been almost a week and we didn't hear anything. So I rang and learnt that in fact it was her understanding that the specialist Neuro was to have contacted us to talk about the seizure meds and possibly about some malitonin - to help with Elijah's sleeping. Well the last few says we haven't heard anything and well after the waking at 4:45 this morning feel a bit sad. He better look out we might have to setup camp in the Children Paediatrics dept until we see him. Mind a ray of hope - the mum of another angel in the city - who wouldn't be sane if her son was not on Melatonin - suggested we should see their Doctor who prescribed the Melatonin for her son. Might be an option if we don't seems to get anywhere in the next few days - The sleep deprived one.

to be continued

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