Thursday, September 14, 2006

Well I finally tracked down the specialist - after much ringing and was almost ready to setup camp in the paedetrics department. I was able to speak to him in person and let him know how things were going with the medication - which he was happy about. I then talked to him about Melatonin - we had a discussion and he told me that the info out there is that it is effective with small numbers of children although some out there swear by it. He told me it was used for children who were blind who had difficulty distinguishing between the day and night and some people had had sucess for other kids who experienced sleeping issues. He told me that it is most effective for helping children go off to sleep but not of benefit for kids who wake during the night. And there cannot be alot done about that - some sedation meds possibly to help children reset sleeping patterns, but only in the short term and not in the long term. So he is going to do some looking into how melatonin interacts with the Epilim that Elijah is on and will be in touch. Well I hope that this is not too long before we hear from him.

The fun is that for us we don't know when Elijah is going to easily go off to sleep or when he is going to wake during the night or for how long. I hope and pray that at least the neuro may give the go ahead for us to trial the melatonin - this may restore some degree of sanity to our house.

I took Elijah to see the Opthamologist (read eye specialist) yesterday and that went well - Dr is very happy with how Elijah's eyes are and there are not any other ongoing issues for Elijah and his sight. He said if nothing has shown up by now tyhe chances of something developing would be quite low and so we will be in touch with him again only if needed in the future.

It's the week for specialist this week as I will take Elijah to the ENT Specialist tomorrow - read Ear Nose and Throat. Elijah is foever blocked up even when he doesn't have a cold and I reckon his nasal pasages are narrow and he snores like a giant when he is even a little blocked up - and so need to ge this checked out - I am imagining now how much fun it will be holdin onto elijah whilst the doctor tries to look up his nose - no problem with the ears and the throat - well al long as the Dcotor doesnt put his finger in Elijah's mouth he should be safe.

Well I talked with Julie this afo and Francesca has a high temp 40C and so this should be fun - she won't be at school tomorrow and so I will take Elijah by himself. Work have been very helpful and supportive to us particularly when we have appointments for Elijah

Until next time hoping to have a reasonable nights sleep.

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